Call for Artist Participation (old)


To all Ugandan Visual Artists,

KLA ART 012 is the first Festival of Contemporary Art in Kampala, initiated by Afriart Gallery, AKA Gallery/Tulifanya, Makerere Art Gallery/MIHCR, Nommo Gallery, Uganda Museum, Goethe Zentrum, Alliance Française, and 32° East Ugandan Arts Trust.

Our aim is to promote contemporary art in Uganda by exploring different ways of exhibition and communication. Under the theme “Innovation in the arts” we envision to set free creative ideas, to think outside the box, to bring art to the people, and to strive for innovation in art production as well as presentation. 12 shipping containers will be set up as exhibition spaces, located outside the participating venues and in the public space. 

Read more about KLA ART 012 here.

Who can participate?

Contemporary artists (individuals or small groups) from, or residing in, Uganda

What to submit?

  • Motivation letter expressing your reason to participate in the festival (max. one page) (Feel free to download and use this simple Motivation letter template)
  • Portfolio including a short CV (max. one page), an artist statement (max. 250 words) describing your work and philosophy, images of previous works (max. five photos) and two references (Feel free to download and use this Artist cv template)
  • Project proposal – description of planned project including visuals (photos, designs, sketches, drafts, etc.) and a budget estimate (Feel free to download and use this Project proposal guide template)


  • Feb 15th 2012: Deadline for submission of proposals
  • April 2012 (date to be confirmed): Artist workshop, 2 weeks
  • Sept 2012 (date to be confirmed): Submission of art works and installation
  • Oct 2012 (date to be confirmed): Kampala Contemporary Art Festival


A committee will select 20 artists to be invited to a project development workshop in April 2012. The workshop will be facilitated by artists and curators with expertise in contemporary art. The participation in the workshop is mandatory. Thereafter, 12 artists from that group will be selected to realize their projects at the festival. We will allocate basic funding for the projects.

Art forms

Any art form in 2D or 3D, for example: painting, sculpture, print, photography, video, digital art, multi-media, installations, etc.

Art works

1 art project (installation/series), to be exhibited inside and outside the container


  • An international jury will award prizes, and
  • the audience will vote on an Audience Award

Please hand in your complete proposal including additional material no later than Feb 15th 2012, 6 pm, at Goethe Zentrum Kampala, Mackinnon Road, Plot 6, Nakasero, Kampala or at Makerere Art Gallery, Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala. Don’t forget to include your phone number and email address!

It is possible to submit an oral presentation of the Art Project that will be videotaped. Please send a request to the committee if you prefer that.

Documents in .PDF (right-click and save)

If you have any questions, please post them below.

13 thoughts on “Call for Artist Participation (old)

  1. thomasbj says:

    Please feel free to post questions in this comment-field, and the committee will answer as best we can. In that way, every artist can read the Q&As.

  2. this is real great for the artists and art lovers, GR8T IDEA, CANT WAIT

  3. thomasbj says:

    One of the questions some artists have asked after receiving the call is “How exactly will the containers be used?”

    Firstly, think of the containers as the visual identity of this first Kampala Contemporary Art Festival. This means that it will be the recognisable feature of the 2012-event. 1-3 containers will be placed at each participating venue during the festival week, and each of the containers will be used to showcase ONE artist.

    Secondly, it is related to the title of this first event; “12 BOXES MOVING”. Such a title responds to both the year and the number of selected artists, to the container as exhibition space but also the box as opening up for creativity (“thinking outside the box”), and finally the multiple meaning of ‘moving’.

    Thirdly – and this is most important as a constraining factor – it represents an exhibition space. The art project of each selected artist will be exhibited in the space of a standard 20-foot container, which of course as some features: 20 feet (6,10 m) long, 8 feet (2,44 m) wide, and 8,5 feet (2,60 m) high, giving 1,360 cubic feet or 38,5 cubic metres space.

    What about the condition and possibilities for modifications?
    The container is per default as it is when used to transport; meaning a metal box with a door at the end, without any form of interior. It has metal walls inside, no electricity or technology installed.

    It will be moved and placed outside one of the venues, according to where it is possible to place it. It will be available for artists a couple of days before the opening of the event, so that the artwork could be installed the way it needs to be.

    The existing space within a given venue could be used as additional exhibtion space, but the committee would not want to limit to what extent this room will be used, and if or how it will interact with the container space.

    There is a goal for the committee that “boxes will move”, which could mean to public spaces, but could also mean moving virtually. This factor is a little bit depending on finance.

    Further, we would not like to limit any artist into thinking “could a container be modified in any way and become a part of an artwork in addition to representing an exhibition space?” But as default, the containers would have to be returned to a shipping/logistics company in the same condition as before.

    We hope that this clarifies a little bit.

  4. am kenyan artist…am i elligible 2 perticipate.. media i recycle old metal..can 4wad some images at u request.. thank you

    • thomasbj says:

      Dear Alex, thanks for the interest. For this first version of the Kampala Contemporary Art Festival the formal requirement is either Ugandan artist or artist residing in Uganda, so unfortunately no.

  5. Ruganzu Bruno says:

    Am loving this, got to read through and send some qns . Great initiative here!

  6. ben says:

    Hello this sounds quite exciting. If I am a Ugandan artist residing outside Uganda, is there a possibility to apply online or through email?

    • thomasbj says:

      Dear Ben. Yes, definitely. We will decide on which email-address that this should be emailed to soon. If you plan to supplement the submission with material other than text, I guess it would be best to email photos, images, videos,… Thomas

      • ben says:

        Thanks Thomas! Yes, i plan to supplement the submission with material other than text. They’re jpeg images. I think i better keep watching this space for the email-address. Thanx again.

  7. eric says:

    hi am willing to participate as a 3d artist but how do i use the containers if they have no electricity or techonology installed? thanx

    • thomasbj says:

      Hi Eric,

      I’m sorry for not making that point clearer; containers are default without any electricity, but of course most art projects will need electricity – either for lightning or other technology – so yes, that will be provided. Please describe in the project proposal what needs you have in relation to either lightning or other. Thanks.

  8. Collin Sekajugo says:

    I am definitely in. This is a great opportunity for artists to execute all their brilliant ideas. Kampala has longed for such artistic platforms. It’s loud and clearly stated that Kampala now needs a genuine visual arts festival that aims at developing/promoting the discipline at all costs. Visual art of Uganda has been so underrepresented internationally for so long.

  9. thomasbj says:

    Dear Artists,

    we have updated this page with templates for both Artist CV, Motivation Letter, and Project Proposal. See above. You can download these and then start filling in the brackets.

    We are also open for artists who wants to present their ideas orally. Please send a request to one of the committee members, and then we will arrange with video taping equipment.

    On behalf of the working committee,


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