Vote for the best KLA ART 012 artwork

6 thoughts on “Vote for the best KLA ART 012 artwork

  1. natasha says:

    Hi. Let me start by applauding all the artists and the organisers of the Kla Contemporary art festival ’12.

    I truely did enjoy the festival.

    My vote goes to Eric Mukalazi with BREEZY NUTS. I think this artists (under-dog) brought something new to an art-festival. I watched the film and i could relate to it. He most definetly brought out the ”hussle” a common mwanainchi faces with the Ugandan police.


  2. sueko mukalazi says:

    I vote for eric mukalazi, i know talented when i see it.brezzy nuts is worth taking places.

  3. BELINDA says:

    Very creative and unique work done by all the artists.And as for the organisers well done.

    My vote to goes out Eric Mukalazi (BREEZY NUTS).Just as Natasha said,His work brought a new twist to Art.

  4. kakai says:

    Eric,breezy nuts bestest.

  5. Anne says:

    Kla Art 2012 interesting work let’s hope it opened interest for the general public to enjoy art.
    Votes given by the group of 5 teenage girls who went with me to visit 9 of the 12 today….sanaa 8/10, waswad 7/10 Xenson 9/10 Sane 7/10 stella 9/10 lilian 5/10 bruno 6/10 mukalazi 7/10 sue 10/10.
    If interested inbox me for their comments….
    Sorry to those we didn’t get chance to see, next time!

  6. batale fred says:

    i vote for Dr Lilian Nabulime

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